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Finicky Fans

SereneScreen Marine Aquarium has some truely finicky fans. Are you one of them?
Lucy loves Serenescreen
- N. Chanmee, Bangkok.
It's not the fact that Misty is overeating her tuna and salmon meals now adays, that has caused her to gain so much weight. It's lounging out in front of the computer 24/7, while thinking about yet more sushi, that has packed the pounds on her !!!
- L Owens, Florida
Byte will sit in front of the Aquarium for hours.
- R Brimer (Naperville, IL)
Boaz finds that when his iMac screen saver goes on he is the most productive.
- Lee Love
"It drives my cat, Willy, nuts. His sister, Misty, the one on top of the monitor still has not found out about it - yet."
-Allie (Rochester, NY) 2002-12-10
Felix "He really like the screen saver and can be found sitting there pawing at the screen."
- John B., (Tennessee) 2003-1-25
Hayley Mills, watching Cat-TV
Mr. Campbell loves the screen saver.
-C. Cummings