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To properly install SereneScreen Marine Aquarium, follow the instructions below:
1. IMPORTANT: Before installing, make sure your desktop color is set to (16 bit). Also, be sure your anti-virus software is deactivated for the duration of the download and install. 2. Go to and download the Windows version from the site.
3. After downloading the program from the site, find the folder you downloaded to and double-click on the Aquarium file. This will run the Aquarium Setup Wizard, which will install Aquarium on your computer, simply read and follow the instructions for installation.
4. Once the installation process is complete, there should be a new icon on your desktop of an orange and white fish. Double-click on the fish to run Aquarium.
5. Aquarium will first run with a single Yellow fish and a black box. Press the space bar to bring up the registration window. Copy and paste your keycode into the registration space to avoid any possible input errors (Some characters can be easily mixed up i.e. the letter O and zero, capitol I and the number one, etc.) and press enter. (PCInst07 & PCInst08) After entering the code the first time, pressing the space bar will bring up the Settings menu.
6. Don't forget to reactivate your anti-virus software when you are finished. Please use the "Reply" button if you need to respond to this message. AOL customers will need to right click on this e-mail and click "Select All" before clicking the "Reply" button.