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After I loaded Prolific Publishing's Marine Aquarium 2.0 on my computer, my LCD looked almost as if someone had transformed it into a sleek and stylish MacQuarium. The fish, coral formations, algae, and other aquarium elements were smoothly rendered and realistic: the mobile inhabitants turned in a 3-D motion, and everything cast subtle shadows and reflected light. Should your conscience keep you from running a bootlegged copy of Finding Nemo on your Mac, this is a decent substitute for cinematic computer-generated clownfish.

If you're running Marine Aquarium on OS X, it appears as an option in the Screen Effects panel of System Preferences and offers almost complete customization: you can choose the fish that inhabit your monitor, and a Fish Info window gives helpful tidbits about each. You can also determine how often "night" falls, during which the virtual aquarium light goes out and the fish move in silhouette on an eerie blue background. We tested Marine Aquarium 2.0 on a 1GHz 15-inch PowerBook G4 running OS X 10.2.6 (it also runs on OS 9). Performance may vary based on your system configuration; however, you can choose to economize on video memory or run the program at a specified number of frames per second.

—Jennifer Berger - September 2003