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To properly install the MAC OS 9 Marine Aquarium, follow the instructions below:
1. IMPORTANT: Before installing, make sure your color resolution is set to thousands of colors. Also, be sure your anti-virus software is deactivated for the duration of the download and install.
2. Go to and download the MAC OS9 version from the site. Your Download Manager will automatically activate.
3. Once the download is complete, StuffIt will automatically activate and unpack the needed Aquarium files if your An application will be created named "Marine Aquarium". The operating system may take several seconds to update the desktop with the file. If you do not have your system configured to automatically expand downloaded files, double click on the downloaded file, and use StuffIt Expander to uncompress it.
4. You may run the Marine Aquarium application right from the desktop, or move the Marine Aquarium application to your "Applications" folder.
5. Double click the Marine Aquarium application and enter your keycode into the dialog box. You will be asked if you would like to create a document in your Startup Items folder. This document will allow you to continue using Marine Aquarium as a screen saver whenever your computer starts up without having to remember to launch the application each time. Select the "Create" button to create this document.
6. To set the Marine Aquarium as your default screen saver choose Settings from the File menu (or type Cmd-;).
7. Select the "Screen Saver" tab in the Preferences window.
8. Select the "Use as screen saver" checkbox (so that a check mark appears in the box).
9. Adjust the amount of time the system must be idle for the screen saver to start-up by adjusting the slider.
10. Select 'OK' to save your settings.
11. Leave the application running. The application must be running for the screen saver to function. If you don't want to keep the aquarium window constantly open and running, close it.
12. Don't forget to reactivate your anti-virus software when you are finished.